Africa Bees is a drone survey company capturing mapping for a number of sectors including carbon monitoring, forestry, environment, water, infrastructure, construction, urban planning, education, health and humanitarian.


white and red DJI quadcopter drone
white and red DJI quadcopter drone

AfricaBees provides commercial drones and training to empower the next generation of African drone pilots and entrepreneurs.

Our network began with 5 pilots in Malawi and now spans 20+ members across 5 countries operating critical aerial services from infrastructure inspection to mapping the environment.

By supplying ambitious individuals the technology and community backing to launch drone operations in local markets, AfricaBees cultivates sustainable careers and drives innovation to help advance economies and save lives.

Our Pan-African member platform enables pilots to collaborate safely, share expertise, and uphold the highest industry standards while building homegrown, community-focused drone ecosystems.

Our Mission

Empowering young Africans

Forestry Mapping and Landslides

Urban Development and Planning

Water Resources